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Animal Adventures and education

Walking big 5 trails
Duration: 3 hours / 10 minute shuttle
Participants can enjoy the beautiful bush scenery and have a chance of getting up close to one of the big five on foot.Not to be missed.

Elephant Whispers / Sanctuary
Duration: 1.5 hours / 2 minute shuttle 
A must do. Enjoy these beautiful creatures and let them amaze you with there intelligence and abilities. Get up close to the African elephant .Take a stroll through the bush on a huge African elephant to feel its size and strength .The enclosure provides a safe haven for the elephants and offers a great opportunity for guests.

Horse Trails
Duration: 2 hours / 5 minute shuttle
Participants can enjoy the beautiful Lowveld scenery of the indigenous bush and the open bush on horseback.

Moholoholo Rehabilitation Centre
Duration: 5 hours inc transfer
Nestled in a picturesque setting at the base of the Drakensberg escarpment in the Limpopo Province of South Africa, Moholoholo has become a haven for the rehabilitation and care of abandoned, injured and poisoned wildlife.

River Rafting
Duration: 2.5 hours / 7 minute shuttle
This is an 8-km route going down the Sabie River, appealing to the novice and accommodating the adventure lover. Look for crocks and hippo as well as an amazing array of birdlife.

Aviation and canopy adventures

Balloons Over Africa
Duration: 2 hours / 7 minute shuttle
Balloons Over Africa offers scenic hot air balloon flights over the beautiful Sabie River valley, near Hazyview in Mpumalanga.

Helicopter Flights
Duration: 0.5 hours
Scenic flights over the Hazyview Sabie River Valley, Da Gama Dam, and God's Window and waterfalls.

Aviation Adventures
Duration: 1.5 hours /3 minute shuttle
Aviation Adventures conducts scenic flights over the Hazyview Sabie River Valley, Da Gama Dam, and God's Window and waterfalls.

Skyway / Zip-line
Duration: 2 hours / 7 minute shuttle
Zip-line offers participants an opportunity to reach speeds of up to 100 km per hour do the scenic multiple zip line across the Sabie valley canopy. Adrenalin adventure of a lifetime!

Flat out fun

Quad Biking
Duration: 2 hours / 7 minute shuttle
The quad biking adventure activity comes with two options. Participants can choose between the one-hour and two-hour trails through the scenic Sabie River Valley and the indigenous forests.

Duration: 2 hours / 7 minute shuttle
Paintball guns, paintballs, protective eyewear (in accordance with paintball regulations) and protective clothing are provided.

Song and dance - Cultural

Shangana Cultural Village
Duration: 1 hours / shuttle 10 minutes
During the day, small groups will be taken from the Marula Market, down through the bush and past fields, where a trained guide will show participants how the Shangaan people collect food from their environment. There will also be a small introduction to traditional farming. Then the show begins and it will melt your heart.

Much more but this is what is popular and what we like !

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